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     Coming this Summer of 2014 from Big Sean...


  The "Big Bertha" Single Reed Duck call....this duck call will feature an extremely thick reed for a better "non stick" operation and more volume.  Each tone board will have an air groove pocket cut out by hand to prevent sticking along with the extra thick reed.  The mouth piece will be bigger and bored out, but the insert will stay short.  This call will take a little more air than our #1 selling Big Mamma, but it will offer a unique raspy sound to any waterfowlers lanyard. 


  The "Triad Killer" goose call.... this call will be made to duplicate sounds of the Cackler goose, Specklebelly goose, and a Snow goose.  With the unique style of BIG custom guts and super thin reed, this call will blow your mind with the sounds it can make.  With a slight change of tongue and hand position, the call can be ran for all three species of geese.  Big Sean has had plenty of experience with Speck and Snow goose calling, winning the World All Around for both species a few years ago.  He knows what sounds are needed to entice judges and kill these clever birds in the field. 



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