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Another game changer coming from Big Sean Hammock... BIG MAMMA II


   We have taken our Original Big Mamma Duck call and customized it to sound even MORE like a live mallard!  This duck call changes the game just as our Mr Big II goose call did when it was released in 2012.  The tone board has a special air channel groove to help release the reeds when moisture is prevelant.  The groove creates an AIR BUBBLE to put extra pressure on the bottom of the reeds when blown.  We are not saying the call will never stick, but if it does start to stick, the air bubble will bust the reeds loose and clear out after one note. We have also drilled a hole in the insert  to create a "variable tone hole".  This gives the call a lot more range and can sound like up to 3 hen mallards by moving your fingers around like a musical instrument.  The Third modification is on the top of the mouth piece.  We have taken a heavy duty latex and placed it over 70% of the opening on mouth piece.  This makes air more pressurized when presented into the call.  More pressure in the mouth piece makes the reeds break over easier with the same amount of air normally blown into the call.  The constricted opening also helps keep the air hitting the reeds in a direct line, making it easier to operate.  The Big Mamma II is different than any other duck call on the market.  This call has been created for the open minded duck hunter looking to ad a unique, life like sounding call to his lanyard.....

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